How Can Gratitude Journaling Change Your Heart This Year


The beginning of a new year holds a lot of potential. Many individuals kick off a brand-new year with a list of resolutions and goals they hope to accomplish over the coming months. Yogis may take a slightly different approach to this refreshing season by examining their intentions for the upcoming year. What do you hope you can change about yourself in order to bring you closer in line with who you were ultimately created to be?

Gratitude journaling seems to be a very popular new goal this year. If you’ve been considering taking up this hobby, it may be time to crack the spine on that empty journal. It turns out that this activity could have a profound impact on your heart this year.

What is gratitude journaling?

Before you can truly understand how your heart may change through this hobby, you should know what gratitude journaling is. There are several approaches to this discipline, but the concept is still the same. Gratitude journaling is a way to take inventory of all the good and positive things in your life.

Some yogis may choose to list their blessings as soon as they wake up in the morning. Others may carry a blank journal in their purse to jot down positive thoughts throughout the day. You may even find it helpful to do your gratitude journaling right before you fall into bed each night.

You can customize gratitude journaling so that it works specifically for you. Find a method that works for your daily routine and stick to it for a few weeks to see the end results.

Why is gratitude journaling good for you?

What is it about this simple practice that can make a major impact on your heart and soul? Simply put, gratitude journaling makes you pay more attention to the positive influences in your daily life. This simple habit is a great way to boost your overall mood and make you feel happier on a daily basis.

It forces out the negative thinking that can cloud your judgment at times. In particular, it helps remove the mindset that states that you should always have more and work harder. Instead, you can slow down the rhythms of your daily life and start to enjoy the positive things you see more often.

Over time, you’ll likely find that you’re more apt to see the positive in any given situation. At times when you may have been frazzled in the past, you’re more likely to become peaceful in the future. You know that good things can come out of the worst situations, and you even have written proof in your new gratitude journal.

This effective hobby is a great way to start on a new intention for a new year. Be more present in your daily life. You’ll ultimately spend more time dwelling on the positive things you have to be thankful for. It may only take a couple of minutes each day, but it will have big implications for your mindset and mood. A great strategy is to write in your gratitude journal after your yoga practice, you will be in comfortable yoga leggings with a clear mind. Give it a try and let me know if it works. 

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