Importance of Time & Place for Yoga


Importance of Time

‘I really want to practice Yoga, but I hardly find time for it’. Now we decipher the common excuse or dilemma of many – finding the time, or giving time.

Consistency & punctuality are the two crucial elements that define our yoga practice. Whether we choose to practice it once a week or for 30 minutes in a day, let us stay with this goal; and a strong determination to maintain your goal will eventually achieve the discipline that comes with yoga.

When you choose a specific schedule, may it be during day time or in the afternoon or evening, try to commit to that choice for as long as you can. Yoga practice helps to bring your body and mind in unison and staying punctual with your schedule plays an important role for this purpose. A hectic and irregular schedule will disrupt your thoughts and interrupt the process of body and mind collision. 

Here are a few time management tips for your yoga practice:

1. Choose a schedule that assures a fresh mind – free of thoughts and with little or no distraction.

2. Plan a sequence for your practice. Whether you choose to practice for 30 or 60 minutes, ensure that you plan your sequence complete with the different elements – warm up, standing, arm strengthening, core strengthening, muscle building, backbends, forward bends, twists and the cooldown or the Shavasana. With this, you’re certain that your session is maximized.

3. Know your priorities. Assess what your body needs and what it’s prepared for. By knowing what’s needed beforehand, you come prepared; and when you come prepared, you waste no time.

Let us now learn about the second important element of place for yoga practice.

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Importance of Place

As a yoga practitioner, you have the option to pick the venue of your sessions. However, it is advisable that beginners enroll in yoga classes before they venture on their own.

Among the benefits of doing so include:

Professional Training. Yoga involves asanas or poses that are technique driven. Thus, getting trained with the guidance of a professional / teacher will help you perfect this.

Accountability. When practicing in a yoga studio, you feel accountable and responsible for investing your time and energy. You feel energized and feel enthusiastic about achieving your goals and surpassing them. In the presence of a yoga instructor and other fellow yoga members, you feel accountable for having used the resources of time and people and create a challenge for yourself and feel motivated to accomplish them.

Yoga Community. Yoga practice in the company of like-minded yoga enthusiasts will help to keep your spirits high and motivate you to continue with your practice.

Once adept, you may opt to do your sessions at home or anywhere you deem. Since yoga encourages positive energy, carefully consider the surroundings of your chosen venue. Keep in mind that you and your surroundings equally attract energy so hope to keep a clear steer of the positivity.

In conclusion, Yoga is a process and not a one time project. It takes time, practice and sincerity to see and feel the benefits of yoga in your life. Yoga teaches you to be disciplined and hence, showing up consistently for your practice is a challenge. Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages and can be followed at one’s own pace. Practice the techniques mentioned in this article to help you organize your time better and choose your place wisely for your practice to achieve your goals.

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