Yoga for Thyroid


Disorders of the thyroid have become influenza in our society. This is due to simple yet neglected habits we do every day that affects our health unconsciously, such as poor eating habits. Spice it up with stress due to busy modern living which we seem to be looking for in order to feel we matter.

What Matters?

Though thyroid problems can be triggered easily, there are also a lot of treatments available to effectively combat the disease. Thanks to our modern technology, we seem to cure all types of unimaginable diseases that can pop out of nowhere. There are two types of thyroid problems that are currently dominating the charts: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

If you are feeling more stressed and lazy that even doing your usual routine makes you feel sick, take a step back and analyze yourself. Do you feel more constipated? Have a sudden weight gain or experience hair loss and irregularities in your menstrual period? Does your throat have noticeably swollen up? Then, it is time to have it checked. It is important to know what type of thyroid disorder you are suffering from to be given the proper care and attention it needs.

Strike a Pose for Health

Yoga is infamous for all the benefits it gives to the body and the mind. It is an effective stress buster and is also a very effective way to strengthen and heal the body. Combine practicing yoga with a healthy diet and you will surely elevate to overall wellness. The following yoga poses stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more thyroxin, which helps boost the metabolism and the immune system.

Shoulder Stand Pose

This is the most recommended yoga pose that directly stimulates the thyroid glands to function properly and to release the right amount of thyroxin your body needs. This inversion is also very beneficial in improving blood flow throughout the whole body while draining toxins out of the lymphatic system, which boosts the process of healing the thyroid.

To do the pose: Begin by lying on your back with your hands planted on your side and the soles of your feet planted on the ground. Engage your core as you inhale and lift your buttocks off the ground, elevating your torso. Then, place your hands on your lower back. Continue on lifting your body with your hips and knees tucked until your hips are directly underneath your shoulders. Remember to always keep your elbows shoulder-width apart and keep all your weight supported by the shoulders and the arms, never on your neck. Take a deep breath in and slowly extend your legs up to the sky as you exhale. Relax the muscles on your face and close your eyes for 3-5 breaths. To release, tuck your knees and gently lower your body back to the ground. Rest on a corpse pose.

It is important to consult your physician first before beginning any physical activity. Keep track of the food you eat and your medication. Flow with a hopeful heart and an open mind. Be consistent with healthy and mindful living and you’ll surely be healed in no time!

Healing Within

As you go through the journey of healing and flowing towards wellness and consciousness, slipping into a pair of yoga pants that can stretch out your possibilities can spice up your experience.

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Be patient as you heal. Yoga is no magic. Rejuvenation comes with regular practice and healthy living. Consistency is the key. Most importantly, live in the moment and breathe with gratitude. You’ll see that the universe is on your side.

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