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If you want to boost your balance and try a more challenging yoga sequence, you should go for a yoga ball workout. It will engage all your body muscles, increase your strength and it will take your routine to an entirely new level. Also, it is not costly at all; you can purchase a yoga stability ball for under 20 dollars. Here are some effective poses that you can do on a ball.

Top 3 Yoga Poses that You Can Do on a Stability Ball

1. Ball Table Top

This yoga asana will work several areas of your body such as the abdomen, upper torso, and arms. It resembles a standard plank position but because it is done on a ball it will require more balance and strength. Kneel down and put your forearms on the ball. Try to maintain a resting position so that your palms come together.
You can even interlock your fingers or grab one hand with the other for a better stability. Tighten your abs which activates your entire core area. Start pushing the ball away from your body slowly while controlling each part of the movement. Make sure to straighten both legs at the same time you push the ball. Maintain this pose for up to 30 seconds, and remember to keep your spine straight and neutral to avoid injuries.

2. The Pike Pose 

You can start by doing this pose without the ball to prepare your body for the next challenge. Then, add the ball to your yoga workout to create a more difficult pose. You will need a lot of stability, balance, and focus. The ball will provide substantially more benefits and results.
Lay your stomach on the stability ball, and keep touching the ground with your palms and toes. Slowly, push your hands further away and allow the ball move to towards your legs. It will eventually reach your feet, which is totally fine. This will resemble a push-up exercise position.
The only difference is that your legs will be lifted on top of the ball. Hold this position for about 30 seconds. If you cannot maintain this pose for long, ten seconds are also a good start. If you feel your arms and abs burning, it means that this workout is working. 

3. Ball Hyper-extension 

The Ball Hyper-extension pose resembles the classic cobra asana a lot. It will engage your entire spine as well as arm muscles. Kneel on the mat, and place your belly and pelvic area on top of the ball. Also, put your hands on both sides of the ball. Exhale deeply and lift your back, pushing your arms into the mat.
Remember to maintain your arms as close to your torso as possible and align your entire body. Your pelvis should be kept tucked in. Hold this pose for a couple of seconds, and repeat it up to ten times.

Summing It Up 

Yoga sequences done on a stability ball are more challenging. So, you should try it only if you are an experienced yoga practitioner or an athlete. Otherwise, you may try some of the above poses but only with a professional yogi or instructor as your guide and support. A yoga ball workout requires endurance and strength, but it also provides plenty of benefits. It will redefine your entire body.

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