Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Yoga Wear


Signing up for a yoga class is easy and fun. However, it is important to ensure that you are fully prepared to get started. One of the areas that you should look into is yoga wear. There may be many choices of yoga clothes out there, but not all may be fitting to use. There are certain key factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing clothes that will fit your yoga exercise.


Having comfort during yoga exercise is paramount because it helps you concentrate on what is important – yoga. Therefore, you should make sure that the apparel does not distract you in any way. There are several factors that one needs to consider in the area of comfort.

Breathability – When an apparel has little or no breathability, it means that sweat cannot escape. It is locked inside and can end up becoming uncomfortable. This often happens with rubber or plastic based materials. Examples of materials that can serve well in yoga apparel include spandex and organic cotton. These pants are a great example of clothes made from the right material. Materials that do not breathe also tend to create body odor when worn during vigorous exercises.

Type of Yoga Practice – The type of yoga practice greatly determines what clothes to buy. For example, a person who does Hatha yoga will not go for the same type of attire as the one doing Hot yoga. In the same way, one may need a different type of clothing when going for yoga outdoors, compared to when doing yoga in cold weather.


Just like any other body wear, you cannot buy clothes that are either too big or too tight for you. There is a common misconception driven by sales and marketing companies on the assumption that yoga apparel is only available for slim, and well-shaped bodies. While it is nice to have a good shape, it is of greater value to accept yourself and look for what fits you. Size also matters for several other reasons:

Decency – Since yoga is a practice that involves much movement and poses, baggy clothes may become a distraction. For example, when a person bends over while wearing a loose shirt or top, other yogis will be able to see either their stomach, the back, or the bra. That may cause discomfort to others. The same case applies to loose pants; they may expose your body in ways that is indecent.

Uniformity – One of the reason why yoga tutors discourage loose clothes is because they need to see the shaping of the body during practice sessions. This helps them know who is doing well and who needs help.


When buying yoga clothing, it is important to consider the durability of the materials they are made of. Due to the regular stretching, sweating, and the need to wash them regularly, they tend to require more durable materials. Ensure that the attire you buy is made of high grade materials for them to give you longer service.


Any woman will agree that wearing a bra inside yoga clothes can be very uncomfortable. This is because the straps may fall during certain poses and claps may hurt your skin during stretching. To keep this from happening, consider buying tops with built in bras.

With the right attire, it will be possible to pay more attention to yoga, rather than the state of your apparel during exercises.

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