The Benefits of Doing Yoga in a Classroom



You likely started out doing yoga in a classroom but there are a lot of people out there who were first introduced to yoga alone. There are so many videos, online courses, and books out there that sometimes people forget that there are actually classes where you can be in the presence of an actual instructor. A lot of the online products are incredible but they are missing a few things that you would get in a physical class. Let’s get into some of those benefits of doing yoga in a classroom.


We already touched on this, but having a qualified and educated instructor is huge. As much as you might think you are doing something correct it is very likely that there are things you are doing incorrectly that can potentially cause you serious harm. Instructors can show you from the start how poses should feel and what sensations are normal and which ones are warning signs. Instructors can also show you variations to most poses so you will never have to feel left out or stressed out about a pose. If you have injuries or limitations, having an instructor present during your practice can have huge benefits to you in your short-term or long-term yoga practice.


There are many poses that need props. Props are very expensive and a lot of them are very bulky to try to store at your house. Some props you will only need once a week or less and it isn’t realistic to have them all just sitting around waiting for you to one day use them. Most studios will have all the props you need and some of the props you probably have never even heard of. Doing yoga in a classroom is also a great way to test out any props that you are considering buying.

Ritual Space

This may come as a surprise to you but devoting one specific space to do your yoga in has benefits of its own. Creating a ritual helps you really make yoga a habit. All too often people can’t stick to yoga because they don’t have a ritual set up around it yet. If you do yoga at the same place at the same time every day/week you will soon find it merging effortlessly into your life. Having one specific spot to practice yoga in is also beneficial because it becomes so much more comfortable. The yoga classroom becomes your yoga classroom. It becomes your safe space where your body seems to know what to do instantly without you needing to tell it

Change in Pattern

This might sound contradictory to the last paragraph but changing up your yoga sequence can be incredible. Often when you are practicing yoga alone or with the help of a digital product you end up doing the same thing over and over again. Some yoga styles are specifically meant to do that like Ashtanga Vinyasa and Bikram’s but adding in a regular Hatha, Yin, or even Restorative class can really help you switch things up!


As with everything in life, this is really all just about balance. Play around with doing your yoga in all different environments to find what suits you best!


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